The Wonders of Being W.E.I.R.D

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Isn’t it weird to be considered weird? 

Weird has always kept a close proximity to my heart. While most people find weird as being eccentric and strange I find it to be beautiful. When you look at artists – the great ones – the majority of them did have a weirdness to their craft. They went against the norm to achieve the success that they garnered. So why can’t all of us, whether artists, business folk, students or just the general public, aspire to be weird or even a little weird if too much weirdness gets way too weird to handle.

So, let’s follow the trail along the weirdness of life. 

When you look at most kids these days, they have no boundaries and like to do weird and crazy things, which we, as adults, wouldn’t even consider doing unless threatened with our lives. Kids are easily let off the hook for getting up to weirdness, Why? Because they’re kids. Yet, at the same time, more often than not, the adults/parents tend to get in the way of the child and try to get them to cut that weirdness shit out, or else… 

The actual cutting out of the weirdness eventually metamorphosises into correctness and comfortableness. In other words we become normal and not weird simply because the other people, the average people, might look down on us, like kids, and frown upon our doings. 

I’d like to put out a big middle finger to that and show you why weird is the reason to be on this planet and I’ll prove it through the abbreviated system I’ve put below. I’m here to dispel the myth that weird is unacceptable and that weird should be the new normal in our vocabulary. So, here goes:  

In any dictionary when you look up the word weird you will most probably find the meaning: very strange and unusualunexpected, or not natural. It tends to have a bad connotation linked to it. Here’s my abbreviation of the word W.E.I.R.D.: 

Wonderful – Meaning: extremely good.

you are wonderful. Yes, you are, because you’re unique and no one else is exactly like you. No one else has the same finger prints or eye retinas as you do. No one even looks like you! (as far as I can tell but perhaps on a different planet in a different galaxy) So why not embrace that wonderful feeling and go with the knowledge that you are special and one of a kind.

Enthusiastic – Meaning: having or showing intense and eager enjoyment, interest, or approval.

Enthusiasm is contagious and the more we can get that energy to flow through our system eventually it will affect and rub off on those around us. Being enthusiastic isn’t easy but if we meditate each day, exercise regularly, and make a point of moving more than just sitting idly then we can start to generate this ball of energy within us that will essentially convey into enthusiasm whether it’s in the workplace, in our relationships or in life in general. Give it a go and let enthusiasm flow.

Interesting – Meaning: engaging or exciting and holding the attention or curiosity.

You have values, beliefs, hobbies and thoughts that would interest others in life but to top all that the best way to be interesting is to be interested in others. To be curious. To nurture curiosity as much as possible and adapt a thirst for knowledge and understanding in life. To be inquisitive without being intrusive, whether its through conversing with others, reading books and being open to what others have to say without being judgmental or irrational. Do this and you will begin to notice how being interested will eventually translate into being interesting to others.

Real – Meaning: true; not merely ostensible, nominal, or apparent.

It’s not easy being truthful, so much harder being true to yourself as well. At times we tend to fib and tell white lies in order to cover up things we don’t want to divulge about ourselves. We all do it but if we can work towards being honest with ourselves first, by digging deeper, uncovering the layers that we disguise with masks and pretence then maybe just maybe we can begin to uncover those gems of our reality that will sparkle through.

Different – Meaning: not alike in character or quality; distinct in nature; dissimilar.

Steve Jobs was one, Warren Buffett is another and so is Elon Musk. They are the contrarians of the pack. Doing things against the grain of what is acceptable. What is viewed by society as crazy and sometimes even weird. But sticking to your beliefs, your ideals, your convictions and doing what is different will put you in good stead… in the long run. It’s the patience and perseverance that puts those different people ahead of the pack and eventually gets them on the front pages of Time or Inc. magazine. Which magazine would you like your picture on? 

So there you have it, the weirdly abbreviated words for W.E.I.R.D. 

So the next time you come across a person who looks at your weirdly or suggests that you’re off your rocker for thinking such a thought then please refer them to this article and make sure they too embrace the weirdness that’s within them. 


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