To be or not to be… but a better question should be: to do or not to do… Ah! There is the rub.

I believe acting is about exactly that; acting. Taking action. Doing something. And that doesn’t mean in front of the camera or upon a stage. It’s your actions away from those moments of employment that build and shape a career.

My aim is not to teach you how to act but how to go about getting the roles that you’re after. Not to help you win the fight but get your hat in the ring in the first place.

Being a producer for more than ten years and working closely with actors as diverse as Rupert Everett, Rowan Atkinson, Lee Pace and after sitting in on countless casting auditions, I believe I have the insight and understanding of how actors should tackle and pursue roles.

I’ve therefore set up an actors Facebook group where I share insights, ideas and challenges plus hold regular workshops with the aim of showing you how to go about and tackle what’s holding you back, challenging your perceptions of the entertainment industry and getting you to push and promote yourself in the best way possible.

The aim is to give you the actor the knowledge, the tools and guidance to help you to the next level of your acting career.

Why am I doing this? Purely to pay it forward. When I started out, working in production, I had no mentors or coaches to guide me and show me how to overcome the challenges in my line of work. I wish there had been then so now I’d like to share my knowledge and experiences with those who really

want to excel and advance their acting careers.

So, click on the link below to join the group and read the various blogs which share what actors of our generation and before did right, and wrong, so you can learn and soldier on: Time To Act

Since I’ve opened up with a Shakespearean quote I shall close with one:

‘All the world’s a stage and all the men and women merely players; so, let’s play on!’


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