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It seems like its the season of the Eddies at the moment what with Mr. Izzard taking on the challenge of running 27 miles and the film Eddie the Eagle coming out in a couple of weeks based on Michael Edwards who became the first competitor to represent Great Britain in Olympic ski jumping. Im just waiting on Eddie Murphy to make a come back now since they say all good things come in threes unless prince Edward does something unheard of.

But I digress, Mr Izzard has taken on himself the challenge of running 27 marathons over the course of 27 days. This is quite a big task to take on knowing that he didnt quite make it happen in 2012 due to health reasons so now hes got a lot to live up to this time round.

He put his message out there for the world to hear and now he must accomplish his big goal for the world to see. And quite a big one at that. He is committing to doing something not to just to himself or a partner, but to the entire world! Making himself accountable to millions, which, to be honest, can be quite scary. Will he, or wont he make it? I guess well find out over the next few week.

So the question for us filmmakers is whether being accountable to just ourselves is enough or should we make the effort of spreading the word further afield, and putting our message; goals; aims out there on the internets superhighway, and committing ourselves and being accountable to hundreds if not thousands more?

Hmmm food for thought. Should we or shouldnt we? And if we do should they be measurable goals that can be dated or deadlined so that we can work towards making them happen just like Eddie Izzard is doing?

Yes, it certainly can make one feel apprehensive, being accountable to many, but shouldnt it be fun at the same time, knowing that we now have to work extra hard and put it that extra effort to live up to those extra accountable partners out there? Whether its that film we want to direct, that script we must write or that project we have to produce.

Eddie the Eagle became famous not for winning medals but as an example of an underdog who put himself out there and  persevered to achieve his dream. Although he hadnt achieved much in his career as a ski jumper he made himself accountable to striving for excellence and representing the true Olympic spirit as an amateur athlete. To prove to himself, not just millions of viewers, that regardless of his chance of winning he can still soar like an eagle.

So, if were still not too sure, then perhaps we should follow the advice of Mr. Dan Pena and Just f*&king do it and remember that in the cosmos of time, were all just a fart in the wind.

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