Twenty Seventeen is…

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All about:

REKINDLING youthful learning and create a ‘no limits’ mindset.

NOT being motivated by avoidance and instead concentrating on what you DO want.

EMBRACING those feelings of anxiousness and adrenalising them.

FEAR – False Evidence Appearing Real and grabbing it by the balls anyway.

REACHING into yourself for that little more punch.

ABC – Always being CONSISTENT with your intentions and your delivery.

Rather than being positive, being PRODUCTIVE.

You getting up there on stage and seeing you SMASH it!

Being BETTER than before.

Creating an insatiable appetite for CURIOSITY and learning something new each day.

Doing things LITTLE and OFTEN rather than doing things too much and less off.

ADDING new strings to your bow.

Learning from FAILURE and putting it to good use.

Changing the PLAN to suit your action.

Recording your ACHIEVEMENTS and goals.

Congratulating yourself on those successes no matter how SMALL they are.

Adopting a NO-LIMITS mindset and continually pushing forward.

Focusing on the PROCESS rather than the outcome.

Being a true REBEL.

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