Time For Change

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If you live in London or England for that matter you are aware of the referendum which took place a couple of days ago and which left a foul taste in people’s mouths. You may be dissatisfied, annoyed, anxious, concerned, bitter, confused and any other adjective I may have missed out on but the fact remains that we are out of the EU.

There is the growing concern that leaving Europe will affect our lives in myriads of ways and one of which includes the film industry in Britain. What with the European Union being one of the major trade partners of the UK and which provides millions of pounds in subsidies to the market. And with the uncertainty over the current strength of the pound which may pose a threat for US and international productions considering the UK as a shoot destination (Screendaily article).

The majority reckon that by leaving the EU this would be a significant backward step for British and European cinema.

But at the end of the day we have to contend with the situation at hand and therefore would like to share with you some thoughts on the matter.

As human beings I believe there are four things we thrive and live by:




and Love

Our make up and DNA has always been, from day one, to Evolve, Survive, to Compete and most importantly to Love.

Regardless of the EU outcome and the numerous speculations of panic, doubt and worry across many different arenas of our personal and business lives, we as human beings WILL GET THROUGH IT.

We have done so many times in the past whether it was alone or together and albeit we may be in a political and economic wobble, today, in weeks, months and years to come, our basic bare instincts to survive, adjust, acclimatise and to communicate intelligently are what our biggest strengths are and will stand by us in moving forward and creating new and prosperous opportunities for others and ourselves.

We are programmed to survive and to evolve. We will compete and we will protect ourselves and the ones we love. Who knows, this could be a blessing in disguise and our human spirit and passion can and will create massive opportunities on every level.

We can go on predicting and assuming we know what may come but there’s one thing certain: regardless of how today may be, many people are lacking the courage, faith and vision due to their fear of knowing the unknown.

Tomorrow is another day and it may be sunny, cloudy or rainy but we have to strive to stop our moaning and predicting pain and uncertainty in our lives. It’s ‘shoulders to the wheel’ folks so lets try something new and unpredictable. Yes, there may be some difficult times ahead of us but we are an ingenious and innovative society and we will emerge triumphant like we have done on many occasion in the past.

Lets keep things simple and focus on the small and humbling gifts we still have to smile about. Gratitude, appreciation, health, family, friends and fun times. Appreciate the little things in life and make the choice of how you want to react to the circumstances.

So, how do you choose to react film rebel?


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