The Rebels In Film

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When you look at past films which have succeeded at the box office and made a splash and an indelible impact on us, you will surely recognise one of the many reasons the films caused such a stir is perhaps to do with the antagonist of the film – the baddie.

In real life bad people tend to get a lot of flak, whether its a dictator who’s ruling a country with an iron fist, a business crook who’s ripped of people from their life savings or private funds or a psychotic nutcase who’s escaped a mental institute and is on the lose.

Although, in film it seems to be quite the opposite. You just have to look at the most popular ones such as Star Wars, Good Fellas, Die Hard and even The Dark Knight to notice the thread that binds wickedness together.

Is it because malevolent people are more intriguing and there is much pleasure in enjoying the characters flaws of those around you?

The hero, if he or she is to be empathised with should be flawed to some extent, yet the antagonist tend to bask in the limelight of evil throughout the film and it seems the devil gets the best tunes, whether it be a Bond villain, a fairytale wicked stepmother or a Mafiosi mobster, the baddies are reliably more memorable than the hero, and the more creepily sinister they are, the more captivating they may become.

So, when it comes to living the real life rather than reel life, be sure to spark an element of rebelliousness and mischief within you for you should not be ashamed when grafting your craft that you may burn a few bridges, step on a few toes and maybe even be the worst you may be – but all in some form of measure, of course, rather than all of the time.

Now go forth and conquer young Darth Rebel.


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