The Beatles and Business

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I’ve recently went to see a talk at the British Library which was to do with business in the media sector. There were three presentation in all but what really caught my attention was the second talk which was titled ‘Something about The Beatles’ and the reason for that is because of the way the speaker engaged with the audience … Read More

Worth The Risk?

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worth the risk 1

I went to watch the Oscar winning documentary “Free Solo” this week since I had to see what the fuss was all about regarding a man climbing a rock and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. I’m never quite sure of documentaries since they don’t necessarily have a narrative structure that they adhere to but on this particular … Read More

Is It Worth The Win?

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Oscar winners and losers

The oscar awards for 2019 are now behind us, and while the winners got to hold their statuettes in front of millions of viewers and bask in the Oscar’s glow, the losers, most probably, put on a brave face, licked their wounds and said ‘What the hell, better luck next time?’  Whether the nominees deserved to win or lose is … Read More

A kid at heart

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Traffic cone sing a long

The picture was taken a couple of days ago while I was walking in soho on the way to a meeting and was drawn to the echoey sounds coming from these excitable kids singing into traffic cones. I couldn’t help but smile at their playful lark and felt compelled to walk up to them and take this pic. The rest … Read More

Time to connect

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Facebook, Twitter, instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, Blogger, snapchat – what do all these functions have in common? They can bring us all together but not in the way that we are supposed to. For nearly a decade now, social media has become the norm for our social existence. We are able to connect with friends all over the world through facebook, … Read More

excel-lence in 2019

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This year...

January 2019! Now, that we’ve survived yet another holiday season filled with mince pies, stodgy food and an inordinate amount of alcohol, It’s time to kick off our year with those pesky resolutions that keep popping up beginning of each year and make the necessary amends for the things we’ve neglected or have yet to conquer, like: our optimal weight; … Read More

The Corman Spirit

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Roger Corman has definitely made a name for himself. Although he may not be the most talented filmmaker out there, his charisma and charm have managed to sway the thoughts of many and allowed him to stand out as one of the infamous if not distinguishable presence on the film scene today. For those who are unfamiliar with Roger’s film … Read More


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Cannes film festival is upon us and thousands of enthusiastic filmmakers are already gathering along a stretch of a mile or so with the aim to pitch, prattle, pontificate, and seduce some of the top honchos in the film business with the hope of leaving no blemishes. It’s that once a year experience that ushers us dream weavers onto the Sunny … Read More

A Simple Creative Ritual

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They say that to be a constant creative in any field of endeavour you need to stick to a regimented daily ritual – doing the same thing over and over again – to allow your subconscious mind to form the habit – a routine. Alas, we tend to incorporate more bad habits than good ones, one of those being a … Read More