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Line-Producing films

Dear Rebellionists,

Welcome to 2015!

To get the New Year on the right foot our first event took place on Tuesday 3rd February at the Wenlock & Essex pub. It was a great event with some of my colleagues from the industry who were invited to come along and chat about their experiences in the film industry. We had:

Ben Jacques (I Am Soldier; The Anomaly; The ABC’s Of Death), Michael Constable (My Brother The Devil; Still Life; Miss You Already) and Gianluca Passone who all come from a production background and have worked on numerous features already in the capacity of line producers & co producers and I can definitely vouch for them and say that these guys are going places.

Being a line producer, I believe, is one of the toughest roles in the industry so we covered various topics to find out what the role entails including:

1. How the relationship works with the producer
2. Their plan of action prior to each shoot
3. Getting the right crew on board
3. Negotiation skills and relationship skills with equipment houses, crews etc.
5. Working to deadlines and budgets
6. Problem solving on a daily basis

And how to stay sane on a film set 🙂

If you want to hear the talk then please click on the podcast below and enjoy (Apologies for the sound of some of the speakers, the mics were not that great at the venue so if you have trouble hearing then please pump up the volume :-))

Line Producers Demystified part 1 by Film Rebels on Mixcloud

Line Producers Demystified part 2 by Film Rebels on Mixcloud


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