Cold Shower Creatives

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Still, it’s the winter of our discontent for those who live in the northern part of our planets hemisphere. And since we tend to complain about the bitter cold or inclement weather during the winter season I thought it would be befitting to inject some positivity and perhaps some courage into some of you creatives out there. So grab your galoshes, … Read More

Film Rebel Readers

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Lets talk about reading. A topic well worth paying attention to. It may sound silly but I get the feeling that nowadays most people who commute to work via public transport waste their time either listening to music on their mobile phones, reading newspapers, which has nothing good to say, or just stare plainly into space. For example, I was … Read More

Twenty Seventeen is…

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All about: REKINDLING youthful learning and create a ‘no limits’ mindset. NOT being motivated by avoidance and instead concentrating on what you DO want. EMBRACING those feelings of anxiousness and adrenalising them. FEAR – False Evidence Appearing Real and grabbing it by the balls anyway. REACHING into yourself for that little more punch. ABC – Always being CONSISTENT with your … Read More

A Film Stoic

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What is stoicism I hear you say? Stoicism takes us back to ancient Greece where the scholars of that time taught themselves to endure pain and adversity with perseverance and resilience. The popularity of Stoicism became more prevalent in Roman times when a chap by the name of Marcus Aurelius, who just happened to be the emperor of the Roman … Read More

The Rebels In Film

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When you look at past films which have succeeded at the box office and made a splash and an indelible impact on us, you will surely recognise one of the many reasons the films caused such a stir is perhaps to do with the antagonist of the film – the baddie. In real life bad people tend to get a … Read More

Stay Curious

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I just finished filming in Macau for a few days with an actor you probably have heard of who goes by the name of Rowan Atkinson. Now, if you’re not in the film industry then I forgive you for not knowing who he is and for those of you who may not have heard of him he’s the indelible character … Read More

A lesson from a Chinese kitchen worker

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A couple of weeks ago I felt the need for some western food while working in Beijing. Not that I have anything against Chinese food but after eating it on a daily basis i was eager for something less oily and slightly more nutritious so I ventured to Sanlitun, known for it’s eclectic cuisine, and visited the Bite-a-Pita joint which … Read More

Don’t jump to a conclusion just yet

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A few weeks ago, I was shooting a Chinese film – a drama of all genres – around London and we were struggling to find a particular location which required from us to close down a junction, with a number of shops, for four days while taking over both streets and having to buyout the shops business for their troubles. … Read More

Time For Change

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If you live in London or England for that matter you are aware of the referendum which took place a couple of days ago and which left a foul taste in people’s mouths. You may be dissatisfied, annoyed, anxious, concerned, bitter, confused and any other adjective I may have missed out on but the fact remains that we are out … Read More

See the bigger picture

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A wise man once said making films is easy, Its enjoying the process that is hard. playing hard and working hard comes with the territory when being a film producer. There are many hills to climb, hoops to jump through and fires to put out on a daily basis. you get to be a negotiator with your crew, a shrink … Read More