Jeff and Zen

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The Dude

While being a self confessed lazy man, Jeff is also one of the most steadily employed actors around, dedicating himself to, and practicing, a craft he truly digs. He has appeared in more than 60 films and TV productions across the sands of time, with his wide repertoire including comedies, dramas, mysteries, Sci-Fi, cartoons and even documentary narration. It seems … Read More

Be More Pirate

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No, this isn’t an article about Johnny Depp but more to do with his persona as the loveable Captain Jack Sparrow in The Pirates of The Caribbean franchise. We all seem to like a good, mischievous pirate and why is that?  Because pirates can give the current establishment a metaphorical kick up the backside.  Having a rebellious streak coupled with … Read More

Life of Bryan

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a life in parts

You know him as Heisenberg and as the guy who broke the convention of your normal stasis TV character taking Walter White from an innocent chemistry teacher and over the course of five seasons transforming him to an undeniable concoction of badness – to the bone – and yet with a slither of heart. In his book ‘A life in … Read More

The Corman Spirit

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Roger Corman has definitely made a name for himself. Although he may not be the most talented filmmaker out there, his charisma and charm have managed to sway the thoughts of many and allowed him to stand out as one of the infamous if not distinguishable presence on the film scene today. For those who are unfamiliar with Roger’s film … Read More

The Rebellious Jack

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Jack, apparently is back. If you haven’t heard it looks more than likely that he’s making a comeback and this time with an english language remake of the Oscar nominated German comedy Toni Erdmann.  About to become an octogenarian Jack Nicholson doesn’t want to give up. Hollywood seemed to have crossed him off the list but you can’t take out a … Read More

An actors letter

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Now here’s a funny idea that is worth sharing. For all the actors out there who tend to think inside the box, I’d like to give you an example of an actor, who you may recognise (but I won’t give you his name just yet), who at a young age made the audacious decision of writing a letter to a … Read More